Sam Magill's Coaching and Consulting offers leaders and their coaches:

Over 30 years of helping people learn from their own experience.
Proven ability to create a very safe place in which you can be honest with yourself
Accompanying you in the ongoing balancing of the past, the future, relationships with others and relationship with yourself.

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Meet Coach Sam Magill

Leaders and coaches who accompany them are frequently asked to stand in the uncertainty of the gap between the past and the present. "Shall I step forward into a future that may go somewhere I can't control." "If I hold back in the safety of the platform and watch the train depart without me?" " Do I leap wholeheartedly in spite of my uncertainties?"

Leaders have often said they:

  • Face Uncertainty
  • Face competing and conflicting pressures
  • Face ethical dilemmas in choices I must make
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Would love to talk with someone completely separate from my work

Learning for Leaders

As a leader do you:

  • Really see what is happening around you?
  • Make sense out of what you see?
  • Learn from past and current experiences?
  • Equip yourself to respond to the future in fresh ways?
  • Recognize your emotional strengths and vulnerabilities?

My role as a leadership coach includes:

  • Enriching your ability to see what is happening
  • Evoking your effective reflection about that
  • Elicit confident and effective responses to your situation

Learning for Coaches

Coaches who accompany these leaders must:

  • Know themselves very well so they are not unconsciously sucked into the very dynamics of their clients
  • Be a precise and inventive mirror to help the client see
  • Bring awareness far more than answers
  • Know what to do when they encounter their own uncertainty

My role as a coach educator is to:

  • Generate insightful reflection on the coach’s work from multiple perspectives
  • Help the coach avoid “blind spots” about themselves and their work
  • Accompany the coach on continuous professional development
  • Use my own self-awareness to model curiosity and vulnerability needed for learning
  • Keep myself on a steep learning curve


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