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As you may or may not know, I wear a couple of hats in addition to coach and consultant.  One of the hats I like to don is that of poet.  I have written and published an entire collection of poetry. “Fully Human” depicts moments of life illuminating what it means to be human in our times. These rich and poetic metaphors have been wonderfully received by clients in health care, mental health and education where I have used my work to help people explore life’s challenges and moments of grace. Geoffrey Bellman, well-known local leadership author says in the book’s endorsements, “You reach into and through the shadows and death in its many forms. Many people will find solace in your words about suffering meaninglessness…and those that don’t should! You coax the meaning out of the darkness with a knowing voice.”

Following is a season-appropriate excerpt from my collection.  “Fully Human” is available for purchase on my website.  Enjoy!

Harvest Timing

The apples are gathered in now
And it was a good crop.

The last of the raspberries
Mould on the canes,
A few tomatoes linger
In hopes of one more sunny day.

It’s been a good garden this year.
I’ve spent more time than ever
Weeding beds, mowing, trimming;
I even attacked the blackberries
And morning glory vines.

Weeks ago I noticed progress in
My cleaning out, but yesterday
I saw these last ones
Have not given up.

New vines, even in September,
Creep back into the walks,
Set off new shoots into the Rhododendrons.

Now I see life in a mix of ripe fruit
And work that isn’t done.
Come Spring, I’ll hit the vines again
And feel I’ve made more progress –
Once more cutting back the over growth
Pulling up the morning glory
secretly invading the vegetables.
Every year I cut them back,
And they in turn grow more.

Life, then, is as much about
The weeds as it is about the fruit.

As ministers, stewards of the garden,
We weed and prune,
Sometimes getting what we want.

The cuttings, handled well,
Turn to compost for growing
More sweet fruit.

Written by Samuel P. Magill

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