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Following is an excerpt from Sam’s poem entitled “Homecoming” (Copyright 2007):

Tutankhamen wrapped in ancient cloth
Waits patiently inside his pyramid tomb
Thinking he will remain unchanged until his
Journey is complete.
But we know better-
After so many years of staying home
We know he will turn to dust
when he encounters the real world.

Many people say they want to change, but the fact is, truly transformational change is hard. Even our brains resist change, opting instead for homeostasis. Medically speaking, when tissue and organs are transplanted, the immune system must be blocked from rejecting the new tissue.

Then there’s the stance against someone else’s idea about change for us! I remember one moment in particular – A manager said to me, “If all this is such a good idea, why hasn’t someone thought of it before?” Change we want is hard enough; change imposed is even harder. At a recent conference (Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare 2013), researcher and professor, Richard M. Ryan, Ph.D. spoke about Self Determination Theory. He explained that people who work for controlling bosses feel worse about themselves and when people feel worse about themselves (consciously or not) their performance, persistence and creativity go down. It’s much like an immune reaction.

Leaders and coaches who help build real motivation, real commitment, real supportive relationships and  real visions that take into account self-motivation factors help generate good results. The research is done. Let’s not debate about controlling bosses or organizations anymore.

Next week, we’ll look at the rest of this poem – and the inside of change.

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