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The final part of a 3-part series.  Read earlier posts of Part 1 and Part 2.

Following is an excerpt from Sam’s poem entitled “Homecoming” (Copyright 2007):

It is harder still to slowly grow into unknowing.
Having ventured forth before
You know there is a world waiting for you,
Waiting for you to see what only you can see,
Waiting for the conversation only you can have,
Waiting, with growing displeasure,
to teach you what only it can teach-
This time.

This time will not be the same as before
And so the going is hard.

We must go out again
Lest our homes become our tombs.
We must go out again
To be embraced
Upon returning home.

In spite of our reluctance to leave familiar surroundings, we know the future must be encountered in order to thrive. Every one of us who changes must, at some point, do the changing ourselves! Everyone of us who learns has to do the learning ourselves even if the rest of the world already knows the same things.

This voyage will not be the same as before. That is why change, especially when we choose it, is a liberating, exciting trip.

The strange thing is, that if we go out, “home” emerges again. What we come home to after each journey is our changed self, conscious of the goodness of the past as well as things we left behind and the opportunity to celebrate our new surroundings.


Is there a “tomb” you need to leave?
Is it time to come home and celebrate after a long voyage?