Cabin Lighted on Snowy Night 600x400

For your holiday reading pleasure, I present to you one of the poems I have written, entitled “The Play at Rendezvous Hut”. It reads a little like the holiday favorite, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Enjoy!

Je suis content.

The gas lantern hushes,
shhhhh, like an usher
waiting for the play to begin.

The stage is set with candle glow,
warm food settling in
now that we have eaten.

the dark cold world rests,
comforted in its snowy down.

Peace and quiet surround the hut as
all of nature waits for life to stir.

It is much more quiet out than in
where my chattery mind
keeps interrupting both the player
and those who witness
Winter’s quiet silent drama.

The usher keeps at me,
until, thought by city thought
I let the world slip away
content to be on this stage
where only the silence
speaks its lines.

If you like this poem, my entire collection is available on my website.

Happy Holidays!