Strengthen Your Team with Coaching

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Leadership teams are often confronted with changing membership, circumstances, and challenges that do not fit existing leadership patterns and practices. Coaching can assist the team in recognizing existing patterns, assessing their appropriateness for the new situation, and generating methods and relationships to move forward. As an outside agent, the coach can ask questions and encourage consideration of issues that are presently unheard or overlooked. Accountability for change can be developed jointly by the team and the coach.

What a team coaching engagement looks like:

  • A preliminary meeting, at no obligation, to identify the issues and see if we want to work together.
  • Interviews with team members to further define issues.
  • Coach reports findings to the whole team.
  • Depending on requirements, meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Include check-back meetings to sustain change.
  • Alternatives include:
    • Leadership retreats for one or more days.
    • Coach participation in regular leadership meetings held in the course of work. (The coach’s job is to listen for the unasked questions that might make major shifts in thinking or progress.).
    • Intergroup conflict facilitation involving senior executives from two or more organizations.

If you are interested in my team building, group coaching and meeting facilitation, please click through to my Getting Started with Team/Group coaching page.

Getting Started with Coaching Supervision

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Are you curious about coaching supervision?  Wondering if it’s the right fit for you, and you for it?  Here is a quick set of guidelines to help the pondering process along:

Indicators you might be a good candidate for supervision:

  • You are a great coach and you hold yourself to high standards.
  • Your professional association requires coaching supervision after receiving your professional credentials.
  • You love learning about coaching and want to learn more.
  • Coaching isn’t as much fun as it used to be.
  • Contracting seems a bit harder.
  • You or your clients are not satisfied with results.
  • Your approaches are becoming routine or mechanical.
  • You have a challenging client.

If you are interested in giving coaching supervision a try, please contact Sam via email at or by phoning 425-787-0846.