As a coach – leadership, life, executive, team, group – you serve as a role model about learning. If clients are not learning and increasing their independence from us, we are not coaching! If we are not reflecting on our work, we are not learning. If we are not learning, we are not adequately serving our clients.

Pretty harsh. But true.

How are you learning?

  1. From things that went well and things that didn’t.
  2. From our experience with clients!
  3. From reflecting with a coach supervisor who is himself a thirsty learner.
  4. From a mentor who has greater competence knowledge than we do.
  5. From workshops, books, conferences.

What are you learning?

  1. About yourself moment to moment
  2. About your clients as they discover and share themselves
  3. About you and your client in relationship
  4. About ethical maturity
  5. About confidentiality
  6. About boundaries
  7. About psychological contracting
  8. About energy
  9. About creativity
  10. About contracting (over and over again)
  11. ……………..  ∞ (There is no end!)

5th North American Coaching Supervision Academy Cohort

Module 1 in Princeton, NJ begins in September 2019

Opportunities for learning with me:

Coaching Supervision Academy – North America   

Individual coaching supervision – in person, remotely all over the world

Small group supervision – in person at my house and garden, virtually

Linked-in conversations



Opportunities to learn from others:

Services offered to Coaches

Case consultation

Mentoring to help develop core coaching competencies

Supervision on a regular basis to help you stay fine-tuned in skills, boundaries and your own wellbeing.

My promise to you:

The approaches and models I work with are tried and true. If you want to go deep, to work on presence, to be authentic in your work and work from your heart, then I’m a good coach or coach supervisor for you.