You have questions about your present and the future or you would not be reading this. What I offer is somewhat unique amidst the thousands of references on leadership. Frankly, I like to keep things simple. I see my job as helping you observe, reflect and learn.


"I see my job as helping you observe, reflect and learn."

If you like, I can facilitate conversations between you and others, from one to hundreds. One way to look at a working alliance with me is that I’m an extra set of eyes and ears. Because I’m not imbedded in your organization, I see and hear things you miss. I also help you and others feel safe enough to tell the truth.


A great deal of leadership has to do with closing one gap or another. This often requires building some sort of metaphoric bridge. Here are some examples:

Between past and present – Leaders envision the future. Then they engage others to go there with them. My work has helped leaders move their organizations from old ways of thinking to creative, collaborative and energetic futures. It’s often called Strategic Planning. I provide strategic engagement of others in order to bring the future to life.

Between people who disagree – People in organizations and between organizations sometimes disagree and some of these disagreements are very intense. I have a track record of building bridges one conversation at time. People report decreased stress, more understanding of how they contribute to the situation, what they want most and what they fear. The result is the beginning of collaboration based on increased safety in communication.

What I offer

A rich breadth of experience: I will bring you over 30 years of experience dealing with the challenging interactions between people. Most of my leadership work involves building effective relationships among leaders and leadership teams.

Really good meetings: I provide design and facilitation of meetings from two people to hundreds. If you need to engage a few or a lot of people in creatively managing your organization, we should talk.

Navigation of difficult seas: I coach individual leaders to navigate the complex and often stressful or conflicted seas ahead of them. My job is not to fix them – I can’t and don’t want to tell them how to do their jobs. My gift is really awareness, reflection on what is happening and anticipating what to do. Sometimes we practice difficult conversations. Sometimes we observe the situation so skillfully, the problem being faced is reduced in size and scope. Then we know exactly where to focus attention. I’ve been told I generate safety for the tough work of leadership.

Learning from experience: As a leader, you MUST learn every day. The single most effective source of learning is from your own experiences. I’m really good at evoking effective reflection and application of new learnings.

My promise:

  1. To help you do your job better not to do it for you.
  2. To do all I can to help you see clearly
  3. To enliven possibilities for the future
  4. To bring endless curiosity, creativity and perspective
  5. To be fully present, authentic and confidential
  6. To be honest about what I observe in you and ask you to be honest with me
  7. To get myself off your budget if I’m the wrong coach
  8. To keep learning and to seek ethical maturity in all I do
  9. And I’ll bring models, examples, theories, metaphors, literature and stories to help you learn and put your situation into perspective.

I don’t promise:

Quick fixes that don’t stick OR Solutions from someone else’s cook book

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